Herbal Formulas

1. Cold and Flu Formulas to relieve your uncomfortable symptoms within 1 day !

Chinese medicine has already known how to treat a cold and flu effectively since the ancient time !  Read this article to know the details.  

Here are a couple of  classical formulas which are often used to treat  commond colds and flu

1.Gui Zhi Tang
2.Ge Gen Tang
3.Da Qing Long Tang
Xiao Qing Long Tang
Xiao Chai Hu Tang

I prescribe those formulas in raw or powdered forms at my office, which may require a little modification for your individual conditions.   I only use the  highest quality of herbs to ensure safety and effectiveness.


2. Appetite Enhancer

The natural relief of loss of appetite. This is formulated by many of Chinese herbs.Kids with low appetite and weaken digestion system  should be treated as soon as possible since without enough nutrition from eating food, they may tend to have deficiency in body organs, which may lead some health problems while growing up.