What's CCM?

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) 經方

Classical Chinese Medicine refers to Chinese medical practice that takes seriously its ancient roots, using classical texts mainly from Huangdi Neijing(黃帝內經),  Shing Nung Bon Cas Chien(神農本草經), Shang Han Lun(傷寒論) and Jinkui Yaolue(金匱要略). and the skills that emerge from studying them as the basis for this kind of Chinese medical practice.

These medical texts have detailed knowledge of how the human body works. It also states the causes, symptoms and course of disease. It shows how to diagnosis the problem and how to prescribe the treatment with detailed herbal formula prescriptions. It is a very complete medical system treating "externally contracted" diseases such as colds and flus and " internal disorders"  that involve the liver, heart, spleen, pancreas, lung, kidney and other related organs. 


What can I do as Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner (經方中醫) ?

Better and quicker treatment result :Compared with the mainstream Chinese medicine taught in modern schools, faster and better treatments can usually be achieved. Oftentimes only a few treatment sessions are necessary to see a big improvement in your state of health and sense of well-being.

Prevention is the best medicine. All symptoms which make your body uncomfortable are signs to tell what is going on with you. A western medical doctor may not have answers for you if nothing shows up in lab testing. However, with the deep knowledge of Classical Chinese medicine, we are able to diagnosis the root of the problem and give you the required treatment using acupuncture, herbal medicine or other healing modalities. It will prevent the symptoms from manifesting into a full-blown illness which would take longer to heal.

The natural healing power of our body. I believe in the natural healing power of our body. Besides using the precious knowledge from Classical Chinese Medicine to help you heal your physical condition, I believe that your diet, emotional state, life style, exercise, spiritual life will also play important roles in your true healing journey. You will be given the support and consultation from that perspective to better assist you in living a truly healthy and joyful life.