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Mountain View Clinic:

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About insurance:

Most major insurance plans cover acupuncture benefits. Please call your insurer to check your coverage; or we can check for you. If you would like us to check your coverage in detail, please send us your insurance information including the name of the insurance company with the customer service's phone number, you name, your insurance ID and your birth date. Once the acupuncture coverage is confirmed, we are able to bill your insurer directly.

Please call  650-206-2469 to arrange for your initial appointment or complimentary consultation. Be prepared to answer the following questions about how your body feels and indicate what symptoms you are having now. Your careful answers will help me to reach an accurate diagnosis about your body balance and determine the root cause of your problems.

Phone diagnosis( diagnosis fee + fee for herbs & shipping & handling)

Since there are limited Chinese medicine practitioners who are well trained in Classical Chinese Medicine to treat more serious internal medicine problems, if you are living far away from my office and would like to treat your problems with herbal medicine, please fill out the following questionnaire along with your name and contact information and send this information by e-mail. I will contact you regarding a herbal treatment plan.

Main complaints :

Do you feel hungry at: Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?
How is your ability to taste food?
Do you consume small, moderate, or large amounts of food at mealtimes?

Are you able to sleep through the entire night without waking up?
Do you feel adequately rested upon rising?
Additional comment concerning your sleep pattern:

Do you urinate approximately 5 to 7 times per day?
What is the color of your urine?
Is your urine clear or cloudy?
Do you take vitamins?
Do you have a small, moderate, or large amount of urine?
Is there adequate force when urinating?
Additional comments or concerns about your urine:

Do you have a bowel movement at least once a day in the morning?
Is the texture of your stools firm and long?
What is the color of your stools?
Do you have the feeling of having adequately emptied your bowels?
Additional comments or concerns about your bowel:

AM Yang:
(MALES) Do you have an erection upon waking first thing in the morning?
(FEMALES) Are your nipples erect upon waking first thing in the morning?

Woman Menstruation :
Are you pregnant ?
Last period:  
List your menstrual situation ( cycle?  length of period ?  color?  cramping?  blood clots ? )
Additional comments or concerns about your mestruation ?

Four Limbs:
Does your forehead feel cool and comfortable compared to the temperature of your hands?
Does the back of your hands and tops of your feet feel cooler than the palms and soles?
Do you have to keep your feet covered at night?

Do you have any type of abnormal thirst?
Do you prefer warm, room temp, cool, or cold water?

Do you have any type of abnormal sweating? Like sweating for no reason or night sweats.
Can you sweat?

Do you have any pains in your legs, arms, back, etc?
If so do you know what caused them (accident for instance)?
How long have you had these pains?
Does pressure or touch make your pains feel better or worse?

List medication you are having now.

Other Comments:
List any other symptoms, concerns, and questions here.